An unusual and very personal letter from Doberman Dan...

Why This 'Ole Skool' Secret Is The Most Successful Thing I've Ever Done In The Entire HISTORY Of My Business!

Dear Friend, 


Today I want to tell you a true story.

If you believe me, you’ll be well rewarded. 

If you have doubts, I’ll make it worth your while to change your mind. 

Because you’re about to discover an 'ole skool' business secret that totally CRUSHES any strategy, tactic or media you could ever possibly use... online or offline.

Using this 'ole skool' secret in your business...

  • Creates customers for life...

  • Increases lifetime customer value 5x... 10x... 20x or higher than even your most successful competitors...

  • Generates a SECONDARY income stream of just about any amount you desire. (Anything from a part-time, 'side hustle', car payment, mortgage payment income... to a second income of 6-figures or even 7-figures... with a list of only a few hundred customers!)

  • Lets you enjoy BIG one-off  paydays. (Five-figure and six-figure chunks are quite common once you know how to leverage this 'ole skool' secret.)

  • And much more!

Listen, that’s only a teeny tiny glimpse of all the spectacular things that can happen in your business. There are many more. (Which I’ll tell you about in just a minute.)

So if you stick with me for the next few minutes, I believe you’ll see how this could be... 

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  • Attracts the best and highest paying clients, customers and patients...
  • Produces the HIGHEST lifetime customer value...
  • Creates customers for life...
  • Gives you autonomy and FREEDOM...
  • And it can even make you FAMOUS in your market, niche or specialty!

Read on to discover how this proven 'ole skool' secret can do all that -- and more -- for YOU!

The Master Key To Building Your Dream Business!

I'll reveal all the details in this very personal letter today.

First, allow me to introduce myself... for a couple reasons:

  • So you know that I’m not another one of the LEGION of sociopathic online douchebags trying to sell you something that he himself has never successfully done. (There’s a lot more of that out there than you probably know.) 
  • Even more important, so you can see that if a 'not-the-brightest-bulb-on-the-Festivus-pole' guy like me can do this... for SURE you can do it, too.

Listen, I’m so bored with telling my backstory that I’ll just give you the 'Cliff Notes' version.

Here’s the bio usually read by people introducing me at a seminar or on an interview:

“Doberman Dan is a 30-year serial entrepreneur, A-list copywriter and three-time international bestselling author.

He has worked in a variety of niches but his specialty has been the health, fitness, bodybuilding and business improvement markets.

Dan has started four of his own nutritional supplement businesses and sold three of them, enjoying two different bouts of mini-retirement.

He has also been hired by a $1 BILLION+ per year company to help them start a brand new supplement division.

Dan has been publishing The Doberman Dan Letter since 2011 and has many of the most successful marketers in the world as subscribers.

Dan has written hundreds of successful ads, direct mail packages, websites, e-mail marketing campaigns, feature articles, and newsletters.

His ads and articles have appeared in...

  • Entrepreneur
  • Investors Business Daily
  • Penthouse
  • MuscleMag International
  • Flex
  • Muscle & Fitness
  • Men’s Edge
  • IronMan
  • Muscular Development
  • Reps!
  • Exercise For Men Only
  • Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness
  • The National Enquirer
  • Weekly World News
  • And hundreds of mainstream newspapers.

His Off The Chain podcast has been a big hit with entrepreneurs from around the world.”

That’s what I call the self-aggrandizing version.

The REAL backstory is this:

I was raised by parents who grew up in poverty. Actually, for most of my life just one parent, my mother. And she grew up in dirt poor, no shoes, dress-made-from-a-potato-sack, third world, Mississippi poverty. (Sadly, that’s no exaggeration.)

Listen, my parents were just like all the rest of us. Flawed and fallible human beings trying to find their way in this world. So they did the best they could with the limiting beliefs they inherited.

What’s the point in sharing that?

As you probably know... all that dysfunctional poverty-minded thinking gets passed on -- and ingrained quite deeply -- in the offspring.

But for some reason, in spite of my bad programming... somehow... for reasons I’m only beginning to understand... I always had the dream of something better.

I was always on the lookout for something... anything... that could be an opportunity to escape my almost guaranteed life sentence of dearth, drudgery and depression.

I had nothing more than a high school education and the only marketable skill I had was I could play guitar. Which only pays about $50 a night. And you can’t sleep indoors and eat regularly on that income. (I know because I tried.)

So I went from one low paying job to another... accepting whatever came along.

My prospects for a better life were pretty grim.

Through a series of random events, I wound up going into law enforcement and became a police officer for the city of Dayton, Ohio.

It didn’t take long to realize that gig wasn’t going to give me the life I dreamed about.

Long story short:

Someone recruited me for the Amway business. And even though I failed miserably and lost a lot of money and time... it fueled the belief in my nutty noggin that maybe I actually could have a successful business.

So for the next nine years I kept my job as a full time cop while I was also a... 

Part-Time Serial Entrepreneurial Failure!

Every business I started bombed. Heck, not one ever made a single dime.

And they all left me broke, in debt and deeply depressed.

But I persisted in business after business with the mere hope that something would work eventually.

And finally... 

At Last... I Had My Big Breakthrough!

I discovered direct response marketing and copywriting from a Dan Kennedy course. He sold me paper and ink and six really bad quality audio cassette tapes for $397. (Saying "cassettes" makes me feel sooooooo old.)

And that was my turning point.

I swiped the process I saw Dan using to sell that course and used it to create a mail order business in the bodybuilding niche. (This was back in the pre-Internet days.) 

FINALLY... after nine long and emotionally painful years of serial failure... in only 12 months my little mail order business made enough money to...

Buy My Freedom From My J-O-B! 

And for the last quarter of a century I’ve been following that same process. Starting 'bootstrap' businesses... with very little money... using direct response marketing, both online and offline... to support my two bad habits. sleeping indoors and eating.

I’ve enjoyed a string of 'base hits'... along with a lot of strike-outs, too.

And a couple of these bootstrap businesses were home runs that made fortunes.

So that’s my story. 

And I certainly don’t say any of that to brag. 

The point is this: 

There’s nothing really special about me. Other than my unwillingness to quit.

You see, I’ve struggled a LOT. In fact, you probably have a LOT more advantages than I ever did. 

So if a poverty-brainwashed guy from Barberton, Ohio can create a business that makes wonderful things happen like I described in the introduction of this letter... then I have no doubt whatsoever that...

YOU Can Do The Same... And Probably Even Better! 

Now that you know all that, let’s get into the details about this 'ole skool' secret. 

More specifically, why it’s the most successful thing I’ve ever done in my business. And why I believe YOU can enjoy all the benefits that I have... and more.

Here’s how I stumbled onto this 'most profitable ever' business secret:

It was December 2010. And a little after midnight I had a 'brain fart' idea. I was rereading (for the umpteenth time) all the back issues of The Gary Halbert Letter. (For brevity I skipped the part of my backstory where Gary became my personal mentor and friend.)

Anyhoo, when I was about halfway through all of Gary’s past newsletters I thought, “Hey, I’m gonna start a paper & ink newsletter just like Halbert.” 

I didn’t need to do it for the money. I was already making much more than I needed from my supplement business at that time.

I saw the newsletter as a way to pass along the lessons I had learned (the hard way) about entrepreneurship, direct marketing and copywriting. And having a hard deadline (because subscribers had paid for it) was a way to force myself to write it every month.

I also had the hope that maybe my humble little publication could be my way of leaving a little bit of a legacy. Or maybe that’s just delusions of grandeur on my part. Whatever. It motivated me then and still motivates me today.

Anyhoo, that was the humble beginnings of The Doberman Dan Letter.

When I first launched, it was just a monthly paper & ink newsletter. Then I discovered some very important things along the way and it morphed into the Marketing Camelot... with online membership site and a monthly “Knights of the Round Table” webinar... and many other benefits.

It’s a little hard for me to believe (because time has flown by) but in January 2022 I celebrated 12 years of publishing The Doberman Dan Letter. Which is something that very, very few people in my market can claim. Even most of the “big names” never lasted more than a couple years after launching a newsletter. (Because they did it all WRONG.)

Now, I gotta tell ya... the monthly continuity income is nice. But when you have your own publishing mini-empire like this, there’s a LOT more money available to you.

Really big money. In fact, if you do it like I'll show you, you can regularly enjoy...

5-Figure And 6-Figure 'Chunks'... In One Fell Swoop! 

I’m not just talking about product launches. Although developing and selling back-end products is one more way to monetize your publishing business.

I’m talking about your publishing business becoming a feeder system for all kinds of high fee deals.

In fact, mine has turned out to be a highly efficient and effective system for attracting the cream of the crop clients... the ones who pay for high value/high priced services.

It’s the best way I know to regularly get “whales” to pay you high fees -- and sometimes even offer you equity in a successful business -- in exchange for your expertise.

In other words... here’s what your publishing business actually is:

It’s A Media You Own Which Exists Solely To Promote YOU! 

It’s structured so that you have people paying you every month for the privilege of allowing you to promote yourself. And ultimately offer them high priced products and services. 

Like I said, if you do it the right way -- MY way -- it can also lead to joint ventures and even getting equity in other companies.

Not a bad deal, is it?

Now I hope it goes without saying that you have to deliver big time value to your subscribers. First of all, they deserve it... because they’re paying you for it. And second of all, you can’t attract clients for your high fee back-end products and services if you don’t demonstrate the value you’re capable of providing.

I’m telling ya... it’s a win/win for everybody. And it’s a GREAT business model.

And it sure beats trying to slog it out on Facebook, competing with thousands of other people who can out-market you and outspend you 1,000 times over.

Or traveling to event after event, chasing down and schmoozing people hoping to get clients.

Man, oh man, does that suck. 

First of all, your positioning is all wrong. And that will actually drive the “whales” and best opportunities AWAY from you.

Second of all, it makes you a slave to your business. And it creates a highly unstable business that could grind to a screeching halt at any moment. Because it’s completely dependent on your ongoing 'grunt work.'

I much prefer that the crème de la crème “whales” come to me. And pay what I ask. No chasing needed. All while I hang out at home, tap-tap-tapping away on a keyboard a few hours a week. Which leaves me the free time -- and money -- I need to pursue my passions.

If you’re looking for a unique way to leverage your expertise and knowledge... a paid subscription newsletter could be the perfect opportunity for you. 

It’s a way to get paid -- and get paid a LOT -- while helping your subscribers from all over the world!

Listen, there’s no such thing as a “perfect” business. But for me and the kind of lifestyle I want, this one is about as close to perfect as they come.

Although it took me several years of trial and error, plenty of frustration and lots of lost time and money to figure it all out. But it doesn’t have to be that way for YOU. Because at last I’m now revealing this entire proven system in my newest program entitled...

Newsletter Publishing Profits!

Everything good that has happened and is happening in my business is a direct result of my newsletter.

Even though almost nobody understands how to make one work these days, there’s a FORTUNE to be made with a newsletter. If you know what you’re doing.

I do. And very soon, if you’re selected to work with me, you will, too. 

If you qualify, I’ll pull back the curtain and show you EVERYTHING about my newsletter publishing business. Including all my jealously guarded secrets for making the REALLY big money. 

I’m not talking about the subscription income from your newsletter... although the recurring income is nice. I'm referring to the 5-figure and 6-figure deals it can generate.

I’ll take you behind-the-scenes in my own subscription newsletter business. I’ll show you things I did right... and a bunch of things I did wrong. That way you won’t make the same -- and very costly -- mistakes.

Listen, nobody in the marketing world has ever revealed this stuff in the detail that I’m revealing. Because really, there are only a handful of us 'ole skool' grizzled vets who know it. (And those other few people are staying pretty tight lipped about it.)

If you’re selected to work with me, I’ll let you in on every last detail. I’ll leave no stone unturned. You’ll know EVERYTHING I’ve discovered about the newsletter publishing business. And more importantly, how to leverage it to... 

Pay For All Your Dreams!

Here are just a handful of the secrets you’ll discover if you’re chosen to work with me in this 'done with you' program:

  • Market/niche/topic selection. (Get this right and everything else will be smooth sailing. Get it wrong and you’ll never get anything off the ground... and you'll probably wind up destitute, discouraged and depressed.)

  • The three best ways I’ve discovered to get new subscribers. (HINT: It has NOTHING to do with Facebook or any other social media. Instead, my way attracts high quality subscribers who stick with you for YEARS.)

  • How to find your 'voice' and 'super hero' persona. (Even though I had been writing copy for decades, it took me four to five years before I really found my voice in my newsletter. Here’s the secret for getting through that painful learning curve a LOT faster.)

  • The five revenue killing mistakes most people make when publishing a newsletter. (Now you can completely avoid making any of these... so you can be profitable right from the git-go!)

  • The number one, most important thing that gets your subscribers to stick with you for years and years... and some even for LIFE. (If you think it’s highly valuable content, being controversial/funny, a “rock star” persona, great writing, etc., the REAL answer might surprise you!)

  • A proven way to make money -- possibly a LOT of money -- even if you’re starting with no list whatsoever.

  • The #1 biggest, most costly mistake I made with my newsletter that robbed me of MILLIONS... literally! (This is insider knowledge you MUST know. If you try and navigate these waters without this -- and just observe what I’m doing from the outside -- you’re gonna make a teeny tiny fraction of the money you COULD be making. Or worse, your whole deal will crash and burn and you’ll never make a dime!)

This is the behind-the-scenes stuff that you’ll never see or understand just by observing my publishing business from the outside.

This is a complete 'open the kimono' look at EVERYTHING I’ve learned about making maximum money from a newsletter publishing business. Most of it learned the HARD way... through lots of failures... lots of lost time and lots of lost money, too.

The good news is that now you won’t have to go through that learning curve -- and the accompanying emotional pain and financial loss -- to discover all these secrets. Because I’ve gone through all that misery FOR you. 

If you’re chosen for one of the few spots in this program, that’s not all you’ll get. You’ll also discover...

  • A surefire secret for quickly creating new content every month that will keep your subscribers waiting by the mailbox like a kid on Christmas morning... each and every month.

  • With the Internet, email, Kindles, iPads and smartphones... and the market evolving into greater acceptance of digital content... should you consider moving to a digital platform instead of a plain old fashioned paper & ink newsletter? (The answer might surprise you. And I’ve got real world results to back it up. Along with psychological research and MRI brain studies that PROVE beyond a shadow of a doubt which format is best for making BIG money and LONG TERM money.)

  • The “99 Whales” secret for getting a HUGE cash flow surge from the initial launch of your newsletter. (This is sneaky... but it works like crazy for getting big fee deals right from the start. Maybe even from your very first issue!)

  • What kind of graphic design does your newsletter need for maximum impact, bonding with your customers and getting subscribers to stick for years or even DECADES? (You might be shocked at how simple it is.)

  • There are several different newsletter publishing models. Here’s how to discover which one is the best for you.

  • How to arrive at the perfect price for your newsletter. (You might be shocked about how even 'counterintuitive pricing' can generate BIG continuity income.) 

  • “Superhero writing”... and how it can get your subscribers to stick with you for years... and even DECADES.

If those were the only things you got from this program, it would STILL be worth a fortune to you.

But that’s not all. What I just shared is only scratching the surface.

There’s a LOT more you’ll discover about running a profitable newsletter business... like...

  • The top three ways to make big chunks of income from your newsletter... possibly 5-figures or 6-figures at a time. (This is the secret that LMMs -- lesser mortal marketers -- are completely clueless about... and you can make a literal FORTUNE with it.)

  • The one absolutely CRITICAL thing that must be included in every newsletter you publish. (Without this, your “stick rate” -- aka retention -- will only be a month or two at most... regardless of how much great content you include.)

  • Should you include an online membership site as part of your newsletter benefits? (My counterintuitive answer might shock you!)

  • The #1 strategy you absolutely MUST have as a newsletter publisher. (Ignore this and you’ll have a 'revolving door' subscriber base. In other words,  your subscribers will leave you just as fast -- or FASTER -- than they come in.)

  • The one crucial activity you MUST do every day in order to write a great newsletter each month. (The good news? It’s play... and you’ll actually have fun doing it.)

  • How the money you spend on your hobbies, interests and passions can become tax-deductible business expenses for your publishing business.

  • Do you have to be a skilled writer to produce a high quality newsletter that will keep your subscribers happy and sticking with you for years? (You might be surprised to hear my answer.)

These are the behind-the-scenes tips, tricks and tactics of the newsletter publishing business. The true insiders stuff you can only discover by working with a proven-in-the-heat-of-battle, 'ole skool' direct marketing veteran. 

And if you qualify to participate in Newsletter Publishing Profits you’ll have an exclusive 'peek over my shoulder' view of them all.

Here are a few more of the little known newsletter publishing success secrets you’ll soon discover:

  • How to “write” a great newsletter every month... without ever putting your fingers on a keyboard!

  • How to make money -- perhaps a LOT of money -- by giving your paid newsletter away free. (How you do it is CRUCIAL. And even more critical, WHO you give a subscription to... and the criteria they MUST meet.)

  • The software I use and recommend for creating your newsletter. (If a low-tech guy like me can use this, YOU will have no trouble whatsoever. Even better... it's FREE!)

  • The 'hidden from public view' strategy I used to launch my newsletter that practically GUARANTEES a big rush of new subscribers. And the #1 thing I would do differently today. (If you don’t know this, you’ll be missing out on THOUSANDS of potential subscribers and a gawd-awful amount of money.)

  • When launching an offline newsletter, should you market online, offline or both? (My answer might surprise you... because it’s totally counterintuitive.)

  • Should your newsletter cover just one topic each month or should you have short articles that address various topics and specialized issues? (Once you know my market/niche/targeting secrets you’ll know exactly what kind of content you need in every issue.)

  • Starting with no list? No problem. Do this and you could be making money with your very first issue.

There's no doubt about it. You’re not gonna get access to anything this comprehensive ANYWHERE else. Because most of the people who know these secrets are dead. 

And other than lil’ ole moi, the very, very few insiders still alive would prefer to keep it a secret.

Without a shadow of a doubt, this is THE program for people who want to avoid the long and expensive learning curve of the newsletter publishing business. Once you know these insider secrets  you can launch a successful newsletter as quickly as possible. 

And there’s STILL a lot more you’ll discover... like...

  • The best way to identify, find and reach the ideal prospects for your newsletter. (This will get you paid subscribers FAST... without stumbling around in the dark and burning through lots of cash waiting for Facebook’s artificial intelligence to figure it out for you.)

  • What should you do if your newsletter isn’t breaking even or making a profit? (This is the secret that only a few of us 'ole skool' marketers know. With this, you can turn things around lickety-split and start making money -- possibly BIG sums of money -- ASAP.)

  • I’m often asked, “With so many ‘gurus’ and skilled promoters online these days, why would anybody pay to listen to me?” (You’ll soon discover why this isn’t an issue at all. In fact, once you know this secret, you’ll see that a crowded online marketplace is actually your biggest advantage.)

  • Where to find the best targeted and highly responsive lists of prospects for your newsletter. (Even better... here’s how you’ll never have to pay a list broker a single dime to rent these lists.)

  • The “Columbo” secret to making extra money each month over and above the regular subscription fee. (This is one of the long, lost secrets that the 'ole skool' direct mail masters used to build MASSIVE wealth. And it works even better today in the newsletter business!)

  • The most dramatic demographic and economic changes happening today... and how you can use your newsletter to take advantage of them to build WEALTH. (While LMMs - lesser mortal marketers - not privy to this sea change in the market start dropping like flies... your business will be prospering faster than ever.)

  • Free versus paid newsletter? At last, you’ll know which is the best model for you and your business. (Even better... you’ll know how to work the numbers so that you can get rich even with a “free” newsletter.)

These are the time tested, proven strategies and tactics I wish I’d had when I first launched my newsletter. 

They’re the insider secrets that can very quickly transform your business from an 'eat what you kill' business... to a predictable and reliable money machine. Because when you do it like I’ll show you, your newsletter becomes a...

Wealth Producing Asset!

That’s exactly what it has done for me... and can do for YOU, too. 

And now, with my personal help, you can do that WITHOUT the decade-long learning curve I had to go through.

If that’s ALL you got from Newsletter Publishing Profits it would still be worth a king’s ransom. 

But there’s more.

A LOT more... like...

  • Should you invest time writing blog posts and creating free content on social media to promote your newsletter? Now you’ll know the definitive answer... proven by both my experience and academic research from the most prestigious business universities in the world. (Knowing THIS could have cut at least seven years off the steep learning curve I went through.)

  • The easiest and most hassle free way of printing and mailing your newsletter. (It’s as easy as sending an email and takes less than 30 seconds!)

  • How to integrate your newsletter into your existing business to boost lifetime customer value, increase retention in continuity programs... and get your customers to buy more products more often.

  • How to keep your subscribers on the edge of their seats, waiting with baited breath to rip open the envelope and DEVOUR your newsletter the very minute it arrives... each and every month. (Contrary to what most people think it has nothing to do with your skill as a writer.)

  • The most effective marketing models and funnels I’ve used to get new subscribers. (You’ll also see all the things I’ve tried that have bombed... so you don’t make the same mistakes.)

  • The 3 best topics to write about that will have prospective subscribers lined up and practically BEGGING you to let them subscribe.

  • The strategic secret for using your newsletter to land “whale” clients who pay SUPER high fees without even batting an eyelash. (It’ll happen so effortlessly for you, you’ll wonder why you ever struggled all those years before!)

You’ll see EVERYTHING I’ve done to make my newsletter one of the most successful things I’ve ever done. In two different businesses... both in completely different markets. (My current Doberman Dan business and the nutritional supplement business I used to own.)

This is truly the deepest of deep dives... and a nothing-held-back exposé of...

Every Single Thing I’ve Learned About Launching And Publishing A Successful Newsletter!

Listen... if you try to navigate these waters without me... and think you can just observe what I’m doing from the outside and duplicate it... you’re gonna LOSE lots of money and time needlessly trying to figure it all out on your own.

In the BEST-case scenario, you’ll only make a teeny tiny fraction of the money you COULD be making. 

Or... in the WORST-case scenario, your whole deal will crash and burn before it even gets off the ground... you’ll never make a dime... and you’ll feel discouraged, dejected and depressed.

You see, I’ve made ALL the possible mistakes you can make with a newsletter business. So unless you just want to publish a newsletter about a passion and you don’t care about making money... you MUST avoid making the same mistakes.

And that’s EXACTLY what I’ll do for you if you qualify to participate in this new program.

Listen, publishing a newsletter is definitely not a 'get rich quick' deal. Yes, it can generate wealth. But it requires work and implementation from a REAL entrepreneur. 

In other words, it’s not for everybody. 

So let me tell you...

Who This Program Is For...

  • Coaches, consultants, copywriters...

  • Authors, speakers and thought leaders...

  • People who sell any kind of information products...

  • Service business owners... especially those who want to land more “whale” clients... 

  • Any business owner who wants to stimulate more sales from their existing customers, enjoy more successful and more PROFITABLE product launches... and increase their lifetime customer value in a BIG way... 

  • And anybody who wants to build long term (and highly PROFITABLE) relationships with their best customers in the most efficient and effective way possible.

Now that I’ve covered that, let’s move on to...

Who This Program Is NOT For...

First and foremost, this is most definitely not for the DDDs (dopamine dependent dreamers.) These are the delusional opportunity seeker types who think they can put up a website, send a couple emails and get rich by the end of the week.

Look, in the “Internet Marketing” space these people are LEGION. They even haunt marketers like me who only sell proven experience-based business improvement information to REAL business owners.

You see, the problem is their mindset. They think this stuff is easy. And they believe there are secrets that’ll allow them to make big money with a half assed commitment and work ethic.

Or worse, with NO commitment and work ethic.

I’m particularly amused when they demand a “step by step plan.” Because they’re pee-their-pants scared to do anything unless they have some kind of guarantee.

In other words, what they’re really saying is this:

“I want a guarantee that if I put in X amount of hours into this, I’ll receive X amount of pay.”

I actually do know something that guarantees that.  It’s called a...


Look, I’m not gonna pull any punches here. If that’s your mindset, that’s EXACTLY what you should have... a job

In other words, you should NOT own a business.

And you should definitely NOT waste your time and money on ANYTHING I offer. Because everything I sell -- including Newsletter Publishing Profits -- is for REAL entrepreneurs. The guy or gal willing to get dirty rolling around on the ground fighting for his or her dream.

You see, the things I sell are for a person with brass balls. Somebody willing to invest the sweat equity into building something. Even though they know that in this current reality NOTHING is guaranteed. 

Let me address something else... and it’s important:

If you think launching a newsletter business is easy... and you’ll be making millions in subscription revenue in no time at all... you’ve got another thing comin’.

A newsletter publishing business is NOT easy.

Frankly, there are a lot of other businesses that are easier to launch and will make a profit much faster.

However, if you already own a business -- especially one that offers a high fee service -- adding a newsletter is a total no-brainer. For several reasons...

1.    It provides you a secondary stream of income...

2.    It quickly becomes a HIGHLY effective client attraction system... because your best prospects are paying you each month to demonstrate your value and expertise... 

3.    You can leverage it into other opportunities like promoting events, coaching and other back-end offers...

4.    It creates a list of your highest quality, most responsive customers...

5.    It can even attract potential partners and equity deals.

As a matter of fact, based on my experience... if you own any kind of service business... ESPECIALLY a high value service business...

You’re Missing Out On A FORTUNE By Not Having A Newsletter!

That’s why I think most business owners absolutely MUST have a newsletter. (One of my mentors is fond of saying, “If you don’t have a newsletter, you don’t have a business.”)

However... if you launch a newsletter business from zero... with no existing business, no prospect/followers list and no customers... it will NOT be an easy path. 

Sure, it can turn into a great business. But it’s gonna require some work.

Listen, I don’t mean to be a Debbie Downer but I’m compelled to tell you the truth. Newsletter Publishing Profits is NOT a 'how to launch a new business and make millions overnight' deal. If you’re starting with nothing, you’re gonna work hard to make this a success.

However, like I keep saying... for an existing business owner...

This Is A No-Brainer 'Lay Down' For You!

Of course, don’t think I’m saying it'll be easy just because you have an existing business either. It’s still gonna take some work to implement this into your current business. It will simply be easier than launching a newsletter business from scratch. Ya dig? 

Great! I just wanted to make sure that you’re totally clear about that before we move on. 

Now let me share...

How We’ll Work Together...

If you qualify, you’ll get access to my 'Done With You' program that shows you how to launch your own paper & ink newsletter. 

Here’s how it works:

  • Every week for 6 weeks you'll get access to a new online module hosted on a private, password protected membership site. Each module reveals a crucial part of the Doberman Dan process for launching a newsletter. 

  • You’ll also get my direct, hands on personal guidance for 6 weeks. I’ll answer your questions and give you direction on a weekly open counseling call. (I host these on Zoom so you can attend from anywhere in the world.) This way we can make sure that you stay on track with the system. We’ll also use these calls to help you tweak and customize everything so it’s a perfect fit for you and your business. (I would prefer that you attend all the open counseling calls if possible. But if you’re unable to attend for some reason, no problem. Just send me your questions by email, I’ll answer them on the call and you’ll have access to the call recording.)

  • In addition to all that, you’ll also have unlimited access to me by email during our 6 weeks together. (With one caveat: you will not be permitted to send me 50 'brain fart' emails a day. I simply ask that you put your thoughts and questions into one concise email per day.)

  • You’ll also get two 20-minute “Intensive Care” counseling calls with me PERSONALLY, one-on-one. These are NOT the group open counseling calls. These are just you and me. And you can use these anytime within the next 12 months. That way if there’s anything you need my help with -- but don’t want to share those issues on the open counseling calls -- you’ll have me all to yourself.

That's not all.

I saved the best for last.

When you apply and are accepted for Newsletter Publishing Profits before the deadline you'll also get...


These bonuses are designed to get your newsletter up and running FAST.

And even more important... I created them so you can start getting paying subscribers FAST.

I’ll start by telling you about...

Fast Action Bonus #1 

To help you get the first few issues of your newsletter ready for sale as quickly as possible... you’ll get three different newsletter templates. 

All three have been designed by me. And all three have the design elements I recommend for publishing a monthly newsletter that connects with your subscribers on a deep emotional level.

And just so you know... the designs are simple. For one very good reason:

If you want to bond with your subscribers... your newsletter should be a PERSONAL letter. That means it should LOOK personal, too.

That’s why these templates don’t look ANYTHING like a typical corporate newsletter or magazine. And anybody telling you that you need a fancy pants looking newsletter is completely clueless about the REAL purpose of a newsletter.

For example, a few years ago a group of investors bought a newsletter business that had been run by a  solo entrepreneur. It was a newsletter for business owners that had been highly successful for decades. The first thing these lobotomized “experts” decided to change was the format of the newsletter. They said they were “upgrading” the newsletter... and they changed its simple but intimate looking design to a graphic design heavy format that looked like a magazine. I immediately knew that they were making a HUGE mistake. And I was right... because that was the beginning of a mass exodus of subscribers that nearly bankrupted the company. 

After seeing their numbers and retention go down the crapper, one of the very few people left there who hadn’t had a lobotomy changed it back to its original 'ole skool' layout.

So yeah, all three of these templates are “simple.” But HIGHLY effective for achieving your goal of creating a newsletter that looks personal and intimate.


Even better, you don’t need any fancy or complicated design programs to use these templates. In fact, you can download this design program for FREE.

Now on to what I think you’ll get REALLY excited about...

Fast Action Bonus #2 

When you're accepted into Newsletter Publishing Profits you’ll get a sales copy template you can use to sell your newsletter... written by yours truly. 

It’s as close to 'fill in the blanks' as I can possibly make it. That way you can start getting subscribers for your newsletter as soon as possible.

Most marketers go about selling a newsletter completely wrong. And because of that, they struggle to get subscribers. (I did it wrong at first. And it made it a LOT tougher to get subscribers than it should have been.)

But now with this sales copy template bonus you’ll know the secret. (It’s counterintuitive but it works like gangbusters for bringing in HERDS of new subscribers!)

And it gets even better. You’ll also get...

Fast Action Bonus #3 

To make sure that your sales copy is performing at "concert pitch" and attracting lots of new subscribers... you’ll also get a FREE BONUS certificate that entitles you to a 60-minute copy-chiefing session with me.

That way you’ll get my personal guidance and input on the sales copy for your newsletter.

We’ll meet together on Zoom and I’ll personally help you tweak the sales copy template to turn it into a unique, hard hitting and high converting offer for your newsletter.

Since I now charge a minimum of $25,000 to write a sales letter or VSL... and $5,000 to $7,500 to copy chief a sales letter... this bonus is worth a good chunk of change. 

At least $5,000. 

And it’s yours FREE when you take action before the deadline.

Now... with these three fast action bonuses... there’s no reason for you to go though all the emotional agony and trial-and-error torture trying to create everything by yourself. Because I’ve already done all the work FOR you. And if you’re chosen to work with me, I’ll let you “steal” it with my blessing.

Listen, everything I’m sharing with you in Newsletter Publishing Profits is a PROVEN system. One I've invested more than a decade of my life -- and more than a million dollars -- to figure out... then endlessly tweak it for improvement.

And since it has such an extremely high value -- because you can use it to create WEALTH and a lifestyle that LMMs (lesser mortal marketers) can only DREAM about -- it requires an investment and commitment. 

In other words...

It Ain’t Exactly Cheap!

But look, I’m sharing a system proven to generate more money than most neurosurgeons make in a year simply by integrating a part-time newsletter into your current business. 

What I SHOULD do is charge $100,000 up front plus ongoing royalties to offer this as a licensed done-for-you solution. (In fact, if you're willing to pay me to do everything for you, I’ll consider that.)

However, for the initial launch of this 'done-WITH-you' Newsletter Publishing Profits program it ain’t gonna cost $100,000. (Although based on the potential earnings for you, it should.)

Listen... unlike other marketers who sell high-ticket services, I’m not gonna keep the price a secret so I can twist your arm and hard close you over the phone.

That isn’t how I want to be treated... so I’m not gonna do it to you. (Although that’s exactly the model that many famous sales “experts” teach and endorse.)

I’ll tell you the fee to the penny in just a minute. 

But first we gotta cover something SUPER IMPORTANT that directly affects YOU. So listen up and listen good:

I’m gonna do something that all the marketing and copywriting experts say is a HUGE no-no in your sales copy.

I’m going to address the elephant in the room.

The one that every intelligent person knows is there... so why should I try to ignore it or hide it? 

I’m talking about this:

I’ve made some big promises in this letter. And that often elicits this reaction:

“That’s BS I’ve heard a hundred times before."

Am I right or am I right?

You’ve seen hundreds of sales pitches with big wonderful promises like this, haven’t you? 

And you’ve been led to believe that it’s all a walk in the park and money will practically fall from the sky, right?

Well... let me address that:

Can a newsletter business really do all the wonderful things we talked about?

  • Create just about any income you desire... from a part-time, 'side hustle, car payment, mortgage payment' income... to a 6-figure or even 7-figure income... with a list of only a few hundred subscribers!

  • Create customers for life...

  • Increase lifetime customer value 5x... 10x... 20x or higher than even your most successful competitors...

  • Allow you to enjoy periodic one-off big paydays... often equaling five-figures, six-figures (or more) at a time!

  • And let you live or travel anywhere in the world... while only working a few hours a day!

Yes it can.

I know that for a fact. Because I’ve done it and dozens of other people I know have done it, too.

However... here’s the part that nobody has the balls to reveal. ESPECIALLY not in their sales copy...

This Is NOT Easy!

Simple, yes. 

But easy?

Listen... if you don’t have an existing business and you want to launch a newsletter business from scratch... it just might be one of the most challenging and frustrating things you’ve ever done.

If you want “easy” then this business -- or any business for that matter -- is most definitely NOT for you.

Because it takes work, persistence and guts to make all this happen.

Even when you don’t feel like doing it... because you had a bad day.

Even when it appears that you’re not making any progress. 

Even when your past programming plays weird head games and tries to sabotage your efforts.

Or worse... even when your friends, loved ones... heck, maybe even your own darn spouse try to cut you off at the knees. (This is waaaaayyyyy more common than you might imagine.)

In spite of all that... if you truly desire to have a successful business...

You Gotta Do The Work... No Matter What Challenges You Face!

The newsletter business isn’t some kind of panacea, superior to all other businesses.

And my particular strategy, although unique and highly effective, isn’t magic.

Yes, the formula is proven. There’s no doubt about that. 

The only thing that still remains to be proven is...


In other words, will you work?

If you will (and I’d like to see a track record that proves that) then you’ll get everything you need to make this system work for you.

There’s one more thing you need to know... and it’s IMPORTANT:

I’m not holding anything back so I can pitch you a ludicrously priced “super duper advanced” upsell, back-end course or mastermind.

You’ll get my ENTIRE strategy and formula... with NOTHING held back.

After that, your success (or failure) is 100% your responsibility.

Now... having said all that, you can’t claim that I gave you false hope with inflated promises and hyperbole.

Just to be sure, I’m gonna make this “mas claro que agua” (clearer than water) as the Colombiana (my wife) says:

If you want the kind of rewards I’ve talked about in this letter...

There’s No “Easy” Path To Success!

But it’ll be about 1,000 times harder if you try to do it on your own, without the plan I’m offering you today.

Because that’s how I did it... on my own.

There was no map or guide through the minefield. And I stepped on a LOT of mines.

But now, you can avoid getting “blowed up real good” (obscure 80s reference) by all those mines. Because I’ve blazed the trail for you.

And that is why I'm 100% confident this will work for you, too.

Just like it has for Dan Cuprill. Check out what he has to say...

Here’s What You Need To Do Next...

The first step is to apply for one of the spots still available in Newsletter Publishing Profits.


You can do that right now by paying a 100% refundable deposit of $500. 

As soon as you make your deposit you’ll be redirected to an online application. Once there, you'll need to answer a few questions about yourself, your business and your goals.

After I get your application, one of three things will happen:

  • I’ll decide it's not a good match for you and I’ll let you know... politely. I’ll also immediately refund your deposit. 

  • I’ll decide that you MIGHT be a good match and I’ll ask you for some additional information by email. Or... I might have my assistant Jackie schedule you for an application interview with me by phone or Zoom.

  • If your application indicates that you’re a great fit for this... or I personally know you and/or have worked with you in the past... I’ll send you an email letting you know that you’ve been accepted.

To make sure that you’re 100% clear about this before applying... if you’re accepted for one of these few remaining spots, the fee to get my direct, personal help in this six-week 'done with you' program is $6,500. (If you're one of the cherished Knights in my Marketing Camelot you get a pretty substantial discount. I'll tell you about it when you apply.) 

In addition to the discounted fee, my knights get moved to the front of the line for any available spots. (’Cuz I ALWAYS look out for my knights first.)

By the way... if you’re accepted into Newsletter Publishing Profits, you agree that you have access to the funds for the remainder of the fee. If not, don't waste my time and your time applying. 

Like I said before, there’s no time to dilly-dally. This is truly...


This program launches next week... when the timer at the top of this page goes to zero. So if you don't want to risk losing out you need to apply IMMEDIATELY

UPDATE as of April 12, 2002: This is the FINAL TIME I will offer this program... EVER!

This means that if you miss out now...

You’ve Missed Out FOREVER!

Oh, one more thang... and it’s important that you understand this:

As much as I’ve tried to repel the DDDs (dopamine-dependent dreamers) and do-nothing biz-opp junkies in this letter... just in case a few have actually made it this far... let me say this:

In this current simulation we call “life”... NOTHING is guaranteed. That goes double if you own a business. 

All REAL entrepreneurs understand this.

That’s why, if you're accepted into this program...

There Are NO REFUNDS! 

For a couple of darn good reasons:

First of all, should you decide to quit when the going gets tough, I can’t get the time back that I invested in you. 

And there’s no more heinous crime than stealing my time. Because I now have more years behind me than ahead of me. And because of that, my time is EXPONENTIALLY more valuable than ANY amount of money.  

So there’s that. 

A second reason I’ve tried to repel the DDDs (dopamine dependent dreamers) and opportunity seekers in this letter is because I only want to work with REAL entrepreneurs, not whiny quitters. 

But look... I know that even the strongest of the strong occasionally have thoughts of quitting every now and then. So one of the best ways to make sure you stay the course is for you to have some skin in the game. The high fee and NO REFUNDS policy work exceptionally well for achieving that goal.

Having said all that... if I haven’t already scared you off... 

The Time To Act is NOW!

I expect to fill all of these remaining spots over the next few days. (Like I said, it starts next week so I’m not foolin’ around.) 

If you’d like to get in line for one of the few spots still available, do this now:

Click the button below to make your application deposit. (It's RISK FREE because 100% of it will be refunded if you're not accepted into the program.)

As soon as you do that, you'll be taken to a brief online application where you’ll answer a few questions about yourself and your business. 

After that, you’ll hear from me by email about our next steps together.​

I’m looking forward to getting your application!

All the best,

P.S. There's REAL urgency here.

This program launches next week. And if you miss out on one of these few remaining spots, I have no idea if I’ll ever offer this again.

This isn't a fake urgency/scarcity threat. 

You see, I've decided that this is the FINAL TIME I'll ever offer this program.

So I'm not blowing smoke up your skirt when I say this

If you miss out now you'll be missing out FOREVER.

We're starting really soon so do this right away:

Click the button below to make the 100% refundable application deposit. 

As soon as you do that you'll be redirected to the online application.

After I review your application I'll email you to discuss our next steps together.​

I'm looking forward to working with you!

Pax vobiscum.

Only a couple of weeks after that conversation, Dan told me that he had more than 100 subscribers. And an additional update a couple months later and he was just shy of 200 subscribers!

Long story short... Dan created an EXTRA six-figure yearly profit center in his business... in only a handful of months! 

Yeah, Dan's a sharp guy and an action taker. But if he can do it, there's no doubt in my mind that YOU can do it, too.

Here's what another one of my students, Amy Biddle, had to say...

"We launched our newsletter January 1 and only a few weeks later we now have over 80 subscribers at $47 a month!"

DISCLAIMER: The results and sales figures stated above are my personal sales figures and/or those of my clients. Neither my results nor the results of my clients are typical. And it’s important that you know this: I’m not implying you’ll duplicate those results. You see, I’ve been practicing direct response marketing for more than 25 years, so I’ve had a lot of “trial and error” time to get really good at it. In fact, I can’t imply or guarantee that you’ll get any results at all. Because my experience shows that the average person who buys “how to” information gets little to no results. Because, you see, even though most people have good intentions when buying instructional products or courses, most never actually DO anything. And taking action is the primary requisite for getting results. In fact, without action, it’s impossible to get results. I’m using the results stated in this message as references for example purposes only. Your results will vary and depend on many factors… including but not limited to your experience, attitude and work ethic. All business involves risk and requires consistent effort and action. If you're not willing to accept that fact, please DO NOT APPLY FOR THIS PROGRAM.

And this just came in from another of my students. He says...

"I should have done a newsletter years ago!"

"I just got off the phone with a student who attended my bootcamp in March 2020.  

Didn’t buy coaching then.  

He got really sick (cancer) and fortunately beat it.  

He received my newsletter last weekend after nearly 2 years. 

He thought “Maybe I should get back into this apartments thing”. 

He responded to my flyer insert in the newsletter about investing in my apartment projects.  

After 30 minutes on the phone today, he wants to invest $50,000 with me AND buy my $60,000 coaching program.  

From a newsletter.  

Wow.  You were right about the relationship build.  

I think I may shift to one per week.  

Thanks Dan!"

Lance Edwards


Holy smokes! Look at the time. I’ve prattled on a lot longer than I intended. Let’s wrap this thang up and get down to brass tacks.

If you think this program is for you... you can’t put this off even one single minute.

Because I invest so much time, energy and attention into each person who gets selected to work with me, there are only 7 spots available.

So you can't delay. 

Right this very second, if you think this is for you...

Your Last Chance EVER!

The FINAL class starts in...